Srishti Yadav

ELLIS PhD Fellow at University of Copenhagen and member at Pioneer Centre of AI


I am an ELLIS PhD Fellow at University of Copenhagen advised by Dr. Serge Belongie (University of Copenhagen) and co-advised by Dr. Ekatarina Shutova (University of Amsterdam). I am broadly interested in AI and Society with current focus on applying ML to Media. More specifically, I am currently working on:

  • probing bias in vision-language models via symbolic reasoning in media
  • affective multimodal models

I spent couple of years in industry working on computer vision problems in agri-tech, aerial imagery and remote sensing. Prior to that, I spent time at MILA (bio-diversity monitoring project), Helicopter and VTOL Laboratory - IIT Kanpur, Applied Cognitive Science Lab, India and Samsung IoT Innovation Lab, India.

Collaboration: If you are interested in applying ML : a) in building affective models b) for probing bias in generative vision-language models, feel free to email me. I am also open on brainstorming ideas in applying ML for computational journalism.

Community Service: I am currently on the board of Women in Computer Vision (WiCV). I was an advisor for WiCV@ICCV2023, WiCV@CVPR 2021, area chair for WiV@CVPR 2020 and on the committe of the WiML@NeuRIPS, 2019.

(Our lab is also recruiting! Feel free to email me for any questions if you are intersted in working with us.)

Note: I am a masters graduate (research-track) from Simon Fraser University, Canada. If you are someone who wants to chat about Masters (especially research-track) in Canada, DO-NOT hesitate to email me. It’s a funded program and I’ll be more than happy to tell you about it! I am also happy to answer questions on ELLIS PhD program.

Selected Publications

  1. DATaR: depth augmented target redetection using kernelized correlation filter
    Srishti Yadav, and Shahram Payandeh
    Multimedia Systems, 2023
  2. Prompt, Condition, and Generate: Classification of Unsupported Claims with In-Context Learning
    Peter Ebert Christensen, Srishti Yadav, and Serge Belongie
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2309.10359, 2023
  3. Deep attention models for human tracking using RGBD
    Maryamsadat Rasoulidanesh, Srishti Yadav, Sachini Herath, and 2 more authors
    Sensors, 2019